The Master of Divinity degree program is designed for those preparing for a career in professional ministry or to serve as lay professional ministers. Students in the program benefit from extensive knowledge gained in Bible, theology, biblical languages, church history, and courses geared to the practice of ministry.

This masters degree falls under Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies.

Degree awarded: Master of Arts (M.A.)


  • 3 years - The Master of Divinity 3 year program requires the completion of 32 courses, which consists of 25 required courses, 5 courses selected from one of six areas of emphasis, and 6 hours of internship (equivalent to 2 courses).
  • 2 years - The prospective student must have a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theology and/or Biblical Studies or equivalent in Theology or Biblical studies.Personal profile will be designed for the students according to the courses done at the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) level. The programme unline the three year version, consists of 20 courses. 

Basic Entry requirements: 

  • We require a first degree (honours degree with GPA of 2.7 or higher) from an accredited University or College.
  • Students to be Interviewed by the head of The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

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