The CGST Alumni Association is the organizing body of alumni of the institution. The goal of the Association is to help advance the mission of the School and serve the needs of the membership of the Association. 

All alumni of CGST are automatically members of the Alumni Association and are eligible to serve as members of the Executive Committee. 


  1. To help alumni foster and develop a lifelong relationship with CGST and become active supporters of the School to advance its mission of strengthening the church and transforming society throughout the Caribbean. 
  2. When sought, to provide advice to the President and Board of Governors on matters to do with the relationship between alumni and the School and the ongoing development needs and well-being of alumni.
  3. To build a relationship with the current student body for encouragement and support. 


  1. The CGST Alumni Association will accomplish its goals through developing strong and beneficial activities for members of the Association including promoting:
  2. Active communication between alumni and the School
  3. Interest among current students towards developing a life-long relationship with the School and increasing alumni participation in events and affairs of the School
  4. Direct involvement of alumni in generating financial support for the School
  5. Interest among alumni in sharing their expertise and experience with the School, recommendation for ongoing professional development and continuing education.
  6. The role of Alumni as advocates of the School. 
  7. Partnerships between the School and other organizations
  8. Recruitment activities to help attract the best students to School
  9. Training among the alumni

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